Unfortunately we do not provide the screening content due to copyright issues. Customers are required to bring their own OTT logins.

We do not serve alcohol, and smoking is prohibited within our premises.

Persons under the age of 18 must book accompanied by an adult.

Our space isn't equipped to handle your pets care, thus sadly pets are not allowed on our premises.

Yes, the entire premises is under CCTV surveillance for the safety and security of all guests.

No, we provide the decor. No external decor items are allowed, specifically poppers, snow sprays, candles etc.

Standard cleaning charges of ₹100 will be applied if outside food is consumed. In case of excessive mess, ₹500 will be levied.

Snack items like popcorn and nachos are served by us and are not allowed from outside. Guests are permitted to bring food items through services like Swiggy or Zomato. We provide cutlery. There is also a cleaning charge of 100 rupees levied.

Pen-drives are not compatible with our system. However, we offer a seamless entertainment experience through streaming services and casting options. Should you have special celebration videos you'd like to share, simply send them to our point of contact via WhatsApp, and we'll ensure they're played at the appropriate moment during your event.

In case of issues from our end, such as a Wi-Fi shutdown or technical problems, guests will only be charged for the time the space was used to ensure a satisfying experience.

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