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Friday Night Plan

Friday Night Plan

An adorable feel good comedy, Friday night plan is everything you expect it to be. The story revolves around two brothers Sid and Adi who traverse a night full of adventure and fun. Sid is the introverted older brother with responsibilities and strict rules in his life, while Adi is an easy going younger brother who prioritizes life experience and fun. After Sid unexpectedly scores a winning goal at a crucial football match, his sudden surge in popularity gets him an invite to the schools most sought after party, the Friday Night Plan. Adi, on a whim to be a part of the clique and to get his brother a date for the prom, convinces Sid to take him along but everything goes wrong when a vengeful cop tows their car. 


Babil Khan and Amrith Jayan deliver impeccable performances as the two brothers in the film, effortlessly embodying their roles. Their on-screen chemistry authentically captures the essence of sibling dynamics, making you believe in the genuine bond they share. Babil Khan’s standout performance is a testament to his legacy as the son of the late Irfan Khan, showcasing his innate talent and acting prowess. Juhi Chawla easily fits into the simple role of a hard working mother. Nitya and Natasha played by Medha Rana and Aadhya Anand present a cute sisterly relationship but the focus remains on the brotherly duo.  


At times, the screenplay evokes a nostalgic aura reminiscent of 1980s Molly Ringwald classics, complete with high school archetypes and the rollercoaster of teenage emotions. The movie can be categorized as a coming-of-age story in the most wholesome, parent-approved sense. It also avoids extremes and heavy conflicts, focusing on the relatable aspirations of its characters. Hinging on a rather weak storyline, the attempts at initiating tension often miss as the stakes never feel too high. In places, character relationships demand more nuance, a greater study into their motivations and an exploration of their aspirations. The core conflict of the movie gets resolved in a span of 15 minutes which feels underwhelming. 


At the crux of it, Friday Night Plan is a comfort movie with a simple storyline, funny moments and an adorably somber portrayal of high school.

Rating - 3.5/5

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