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Guns and Gulaabs 

Guns and Gulaabs

Guns and Gulaabs” transports viewers to the captivating realm of the fictional Gulaabganj, a quaint opium town. The series exudes a nostalgic 90s vibe through its masterful use of a 70mm lens, capturing the essence of the era with a cozy small-town allure. Following a near Shor In The City-like storytelling approach, Raj and DK skillfully interlace multiple narratives that traverse the town, eventually tying them into an electrifying final showdown. The stellar performances by Rajkumar Rao, Dulquer Salmaan, Adarsh Gourav, and Gulshan Devaiah breathe life into their characters, making the show an absolute delight to behold.


Marketed as a comedy, the Netflix series truly embraces its genre, with the most delightful quips emanating from the endearing and zany lover-boy charm of Rajkumar Rao’s character, Tipu. The portrayal of Char Cut Atmaram by Gulshan Devaiah encapsulates the archetypal silent killer with a signature flair. His no-nonsense business approach coupled with his commitment to keeping telephone booth charges low, lead moments that are nothing short of comedic gold. The endearing interactions amongst the trio of backbencher students – Nannu, Gangu, and Ikhlaq – evoke a hearty dose of nostalgia for school days, with activities like book cricket and FLAMES playfully reminiscing on first loves. The late Satish Kaushik’s skillful delivery of continuous swearing and perpetual disgruntlement with those around him not only resonates as amusing but also feels incredibly organic, leaving viewers yearning for more of his presence.


Dalquer Salmaan’s portrayal of Arjun presents a character rich in promise, but ultimately falls short of expectations. Although his performance is commendable, the evolution of the morally upright individual into a mastermind cop lacks the intended impact. Conversely, Tipu’s motivations are riveting as he sets out to avenge his father’s friend’s demise and win the heart of Chandralekha, turning him into a comical yet principled gangster. The classic Raj and DK action sequences truly shine in the climactic final episode, leading to captivating outcomes and amusing exchanges among the characters. However, it’s worth noting that some sequences suffer from poor lighting and clarity.The closing episode unfolds like a cinematic masterpiece, complete with an interval. It serves as the perfect convergence of events, featuring a gripping chase involving a truck brimming with opium and a motley crew in hot pursuit. The pacing remains unpredictable, propelled by an exhilarating tempo and a judicious but welcome use of flashbacks.

Rating - 3.5/5 stars

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