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An engaging spy thriller directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and starting tabu, Khufiya is simple yet keeps you on your toes. The story revolves around the political turmoil post the Kargil war, focusing on the global espionage game. The opening scene narrated by tabu, shows us a royal gala, flirty exchanges and a sudden death, setting the stage for the chase to come. 


Tabu plays the role of a R&AW agent assigned with the task of spying on a fellow agent, played by Ali Zafar, who is leaking classified information to a foreign party. The concept and execution is simple with easy to track dialogue and shots. There is no dearth of exciting revelations and nail biting scenes keeping you hooked, ESPECIALLY the grandmother (who even saw that coming!?). 


Ali Faizal and tabu present beautiful performances adding nuance to characters. Wamiqa Gabbi plays the role of the traitor’s wife and does complete justice to the same.  There is brief discussion over tabu’s love affair with a previous asset, which becomes the driving force of the story but isn’t enough to fully power it. There are a few confusing time jumps which often make the story hard to follow, but overall the narrative is extremely straightforward. 


Khufiya is a fun and exciting watch with a story that in some places is very predictable, but worth the watch!

Rating - 3.5/5 Stars

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