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Totally Killer

Totally Killer

“Totally Killer” is an uproarious blend of horror and sci-fi, skillfully directed by Nahnatchka Khan. The film unfolds the journey of a rebellious teen coping with the resurgence of a notorious serial killer, 35 years after his initial reign of terror. Packed with elements like time travel, high school drama, witty Molly Ringwald references, quintessential mean girls, and a serial killer reminiscent of Michael Myers, it playfully embraces every early horror trope. The plot, to put it mildly, is wonderfully chaotic! Kiernan Shipka takes the lead as Jamie, a character whose life takes a surreal turn. While fleeing from the relentless killer, she stumbles upon a time machine, propelling her back to the eerie landscape of October 1987, the era of the killer’s first rampage.


What makes “Totally Killer” truly stand out is the comical contrast it paints between 1980s lifestyles and the sensibilities of 2023. Jamie fearlessly calls out the people around her for their homophobic, misogynistic, and problematic behavior, offering a humorous commentary on the evolution of societal norms. Yet, she also experiences the simplicity of a time when hitching a ride with strangers was considered commonplace.


The film is fun, thrilling and sometimes even scary, but something feels lacking. The fear and funny encapsulated by the likes of Scary Movie, or the horror of slasher thrillers like Scream, isn’t accurately captured and the humor sometimes falls flat. The twist at the ends seems a bit obvious but that is something the genre of horror and thriller have struggled with since ever.


Nonetheless, the film is thoroughly entertaining and a great shot of nostalgia for scary movie lovers!

Rating - 3.5/5 stars

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